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Dance with grace: discover your artistry

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I’m currently studying in FIDA , it was a great opportunity to explore many things.
U can participate in many bigger shows and u can go for backstage activities.
You can get more connects with new persons.
My Faculties are free to talk and supportive.
It’s all about your works, u have many opportunities u have to grab them with your hard work and smart work .



I really love this place, surrounding are good and personally I would say that faculties are just wow. I thank the management for giving me the opportunity to visit Lakme fashion week which held in Delhi and I was really amazed to be part of the implementation team. They give us lot of national ad international opportunities to participate and explore.



The teachers are so sweet and they won’t hesitate to clear your doubts even if you ask so many times. And they provide you so many good opportunities to work and to participate in so many big fashion shows!



Ballet teachers

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Anna Brown


Robert Sanders


Cindy Miller