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At FIDA the Design School, we offer a diverse range of design courses crafted to nurture creativity, hone technical skills, and empower individuals to thrive in the dynamic world of design. Our carefully curated programs, led by industry experts and seasoned educators, provide a transformative learning experience. Explore our array of courses designed to cater to varied interests and aspirations.

Message from our Director

S Fareeda Khan
Director, FIDA the design school


It is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to FIDA the Design School, where creativity takes center stage, and innovation knows no boundaries. As Director, I am proud to lead an institution that stands at the forefront of design education, nurturing the next generation of visionary designers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

At FIDA, our commitment is not just to impart knowledge but to cultivate a dynamic learning environment where theory seamlessly integrates with hands-on practice.


We believe in empowering our students with the skills, insights, and industry exposure needed to thrive in the competitive landscape of design.

Embark on a transformative journey with us, where each student is encouraged to explore, create, and redefine the possibilities within the world of design. Whether your passion lies in fashion, interior design, or digital marketing, FIDA is the canvas for your creative aspirations.

Welcome to FIDA, where design becomes a way of life.

Founded in

15 Years of Excellence in Design Education

Immersive Design Education at FIDA: Where Practice Reigns Supreme

At FIDA, we have redefined design education by placing a distinct emphasis on a pedagogical approach that marries theory with immersive practical experiences. We understand that true mastery in the field of design requires more than textbook knowledge – it demands hands-on application, real-world exposure, and a dynamic engagement with the industry. Our philosophy rests on a balanced blend, allocating 30% to theory and dedicating a substantial 70% to practical learning and exposure.

30% Theory: Nurturing Intellectual Foundations Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the 30% allocated to theoretical instruction. Here, students delve into the fundamental principles, historical contexts, and theoretical frameworks that underpin design disciplines. Our expert faculty, comprised of industry professionals and seasoned educators, guides students through the intricacies of design history, conceptual frameworks, and contemporary theories, fostering a strong intellectual foundation.

70% Practical Learning: Crafting Mastery Through Application At FIDA, we firmly believe that true mastery is achieved through hands-on experience. The lion’s share of our curriculum – 70% – is dedicated to practical learning, where students translate theoretical knowledge into tangible creations. Through studio sessions, workshops, and real-world projects, students actively engage in the design process, honing their skills in fashion, interior design, digital marketing, and more. This practical approach ensures that our graduates not only comprehend design theories but can seamlessly apply them in real-world scenarios.

Real-World Exposure: Bridging Academia and Industry FIDA recognizes the critical importance of exposing students to the dynamics of the design industry. Beyond the classroom, our students actively participate in internships, industry collaborations, and national and international design events. This exposure constitutes an integral part of the 70%, providing students with firsthand insights into industry trends, professional practices, and the demands of the global design landscape. It is this exposure that transforms theoretical knowledge into practical wisdom, preparing our graduates for the challenges of the competitive design industry.


Student Testimonials

What our Students have to say

Best place to build career in Fashion and Interior Designing with knowledge from well experienced faculties. FIDA’s industry ready program supported me to develop & launch my own brand.



I enquired many colleges finally i got to know FIDA is only college offering Garment construction in 1st year itself and got an opportunity to showcased the collection



I Love this institute, learning here has been fun and engaging. especially the Christmas carnival is best platform to showcase our client interaction and improve the selling skills for become entrepreneurship talents. Ive learned alot here, would definitely recommend



Dubai trip gave me international learning experience . Thanks to fida to explore Dubai expo .enjoyed a lot. Good CAMPUS and AC.



folio is the better show for upcoming designers to showcase their final years collections ,graduation show is best show and opportunity in chennai



i joined FIDA because i want to study completely fashion design in practically with hands on experience.fida curriculum is the best,PMGC lab facilities is good



Normally in the college’s student will be getting opportunity to showcase their works in final year but fida is providing to showcase the interior design works in kritya first year itself



I got a job in Zara though Fida placement cell. Alumini forum updates and info is very useful. Interview preparation training helped me a lot



I Loved the faculty’s response to teaching, Such friendly atmosphere to learn things. They bring our best out every time. .PMGC Lab facility can be use unlimited hours



The teachers are so sweet and they won’t hesitate to clear your doubts even if you ask so many times. And they provide you so many good opportunities to work and to participate in so many big fashion shows!



I really love this place, surrounding are good and personally I would say that faculties are just wow. I thank the management for giving me the opportunity to visit Lakme fashion week which held in Delhi and I was really amazed to be part of the implementation team. They give us lot of national and international opportunities to participate and explore.



I’m currently studying in FIDA , it was a great opportunity to explore many things.
U can participate in many bigger shows and u can go for backstage activities.
You can get more connects with new persons.
My Faculties are free to talk and supportive.
It’s all about your works, u have many opportunities u have to grab them with your hard work and smart work .